Our service guarantees filtered internet to your home and we are Ghana’s safest broadband for family use

Starter Unlimited
Starter UNLIMITED: Unlimited browsing at 2mbps speed for 30 days

GH¢ 400

Pro Unlimited
Pro UNLIMITED: Unlimited browsing at 6mbps speed for 30 days

GH¢ 1200

Basic Unlimited
Basic UNLIMITED: Unlimited browsing at 4mbps speed for 30 days

GH¢ 800

Premium Unlimited
Premium UNLIMITED: Unlimited browsing at 10mbps speed for 30 days

GH¢ 1600

Dedicated SMTP Relay Service

iBrowse’s SMTP relay service empowers you to send transactional emails fast, securely, reliably, quickly and at scale. Our service is optimized for maximum deliverability so there’s no need to manage your own SMTP server. Our robust and secure sending infrastructure utilizes SPF and DKIM protocols to authenticate your emails, while the IP allowlist enables you to safeguard your account against unauthorised use.

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